Review – Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka – Exit Records – by Scruff

Dark twisted Voodoo nastiness straight from Manchester’s “Dub Phizix’ with the

help of ‘Skeptical’ . Not to be pigeon holed into one style, this is an amalgamation

of twisted ‘Dancehall’ dark “Dub’ and futuristic minimal ‘Drum and Bass’. Slow

whirling ‘bassline’ creeps through the track as its punctuated with heavy kicks and tight

snares. ‘Strategy’ rhythmical tears through with pin point accuracy and speed to his flow.

Its not what ‘Strategy’ rhymes are about in this track, its how they are delivered, short flurries

of rhythmical off kilter lyrics make this track stick in your head. The chorus is littered

with industrial dark sound affect as a growling riff is reverberated around. The video set

outside a city tower block;  like a 21st century urban remake of the classic ‘Voodoo

people’. ‘Strategy’ takes centre stage dressed head to toe as some sort of Voodoo native

American Indian with a tomahawk while fire dancers twirl in the background.



Written by Scruff

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