Warehouse Project 9th Nov – Review


Warehouse Project season had been in full swing for over a month by the time I attended my first night there and in true Manchester fashion it was absolutely pissing it down in the queue, nevertheless this certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the revellers. I arrived as DJ Shadow was mid-set in the breathtaking Room 1, this room is massive and the lights/sound effects are truly stunning, from every angle the room was lit up perfectly and throughout the whole night the sound was crisp and invigorating. However right from the outset the whole venue was far too busy and crowded, DJ Shadow was dropping an eclectic mix of Trap/Dubstep/Deep House, yet you could not dance properly without getting an elbow in the face and this steadily got worse as the more popular acts such as Flying Lotus and Jamie XX hit the decks.

Despite the lack of Dancing in Room 1 Flying Lotus played a set I will never forget, the visuals were insane, he uses two screens to project 3D images and videos to the crowd throughout his set, dropping massive amounts of bass in sync with the visuals, everyone in the crowd was in awe of the LA based producer who really stole the show. Due to lack of breathing room, me and my friends decided Room 3 was where it was at! Floating Points played a 3 hour set, to be honest this was a lot calmer than the main room and you could dance properly and generally have a more enjoyable experience.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend the Warehouse Project to any dance music enthusiast despite the sheer size and business of the entire venue, the line-ups cannot be matched in the UK for the ticket price, and the sound quality will be hard to beat. All I ask is that next year they sell a thousand less tickets and then everyone will have a more enjoyable time!

– Tom Tebbatt