EP: Huxley – Out Of The Box // 2020 Vision

EP: Huxley – Out Of The Box // 2020 Vision

Huxley can’t put a note wrong these days, with releases on Hypercolour, Tsuba and Leftroom, another arrives on Leeds juggernaut ‘2020Vision’.

Up first is ‘Box Clever’; sun kissed grooves ideal for whether you’re summer raving is on a warm beach or in a cold, probably UK based, field. A fantastic early 90’s riff skims across the flowing bass line, accompanied by an ultra cool laid-back vocal. ‘Atonement’ has a classic Detroit sounding riff with soft brushing percussion layered in the background, which lets the riff shine on through.

‘Out Of My Mind’ has a very distinct garage feel to it; mostly down to the classic snapping snare at the beginning and shuffling beats. Cue the lovely soulful breakdown with a spaced out vocal which veers right back to the sweet sounds of four four. It’s the stand out track of the EP, ideal for DJs to drop in the middle of a set to switch up the flavour of either genre. The last track ‘Feel What You Want’ is a late night/afterparty groover, everything sits nice and calmly, a soft riff is filtered to give it a nice rhythmic movement.

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Written by Christopher Mc Cullagh

Catch Huxley at this years Dimensions Festival

About Huxley

Michael Dodman, aka Huxley is a name that you will be sure to soon become famialiar with, if you aren’t already, in the UK house scene. Huxley was raised on a diet of UK and US garage, house and early rave music and has since moulded these influences to express his own distinctive brand of house music.

He first appeared on the scene alongside Ethyl, to produce their critically acclaimed 2009 ‘Sassanids’ EP. They then went on to release ‘Mother Tongue’ which was nominated ‘Beatport Deep House 2010’ on UK superpower Tsuba, which firmly put this duo on the map.

After this Huxley went onto follow a solo career, with releases on Tsuba, Morris Audio, Fear Of Flying and Suara, and remixes on labels such as Noir, Cecille, OFF.

2011 saw Huxley perform at prestigious venues such as Fabric, Privilage & Le Batofar, as well as Performing in Ibiza, Italy, Germany and the UK. With upcoming music to be released on Hypercolour, Leftroom, Rebirth and his home label, Tsuba, this man has a lot to give to the house genre and his appearance at Dimensions is no doubt a highlight not to be missed!

Text taken from http://www.dimensionsfestival.com