TUMBLE AUDIO: Majora – Boss Key EP

TUMBLE AUDIO: Majora – Boss Key EP

Tumble Audio

RELEASE DATE: 18.02.13

Daniel Evan-Jones aka Majora is a hot off the press producer and one to look out for in the summer. His latest EP released on the newly formed Tumble Audio is an eclectic mix of grimey, funky house beats with some very original sampling and intelligent drops that are anything but repetitive. He has collaborated with My Nu Leng on several of his EP’s, and last years The Grid/Hips N Thighs EP” on 877 Records from last year is definitely worth a listen. Tumble Audio is a brand new record label out of Nottingham. If they keep releasing EP’s like this they are going to be the record labels to watch out for as 2013 progresses.

Right let’s talk about Boss Key for a bit, the opening track is the self titled ‘Boss Key’ and to be honest the first time I listened to this track after a minute I was a little bored as it sounded like any other producer making a simple funky house beat, however after the first minute the whole track changes and it is anything but boring. The track uses some very unique sampling and different effects which make it hard to label to a specific genre, all I can tell you is its good and the EP only gets better after the first track.

Satisfied is the next track on the EP and in my opinion has a very similar feeling to a lot of Mosca’s tracks, and again is very different from the first song and completely different to the rest of the songs on this EP, this is why I like Majora, he really mixes up his genres and you are never listening to it finding all the tracks have the same generic back beat.

Just Listen is the next song on the EP and this has a much more relaxed feeling to it like a lot of Julio Bashmores earlier EP’s but there is some really nice string samples that bind the song together and make it a great track. Shook is the final track on the EP and for me he has saved the best for last and it brings the whole EP together in one final mix of dance music excellence.

Overall this is a very unique and exciting EP and I defy anyone to not enjoy these songs. I look forward to hearing more releases from Majora and Tumble Audio and I hope to hear these bangers dropped at big events as it will make your night just that bit better.

See you on the dance floor.

Tom Tebbatt


Following on from new Nottingham party label, Tumble Audio’s first release, the impressive “XTC” by Killjoy (aka Core, whose first solo 12 inch debuted on the Aquatic Labs imprint in October last year,) comes the mighty “Boss Key EP” from hotly tipped Bristol based producer, Majora.

Majora announced his arrival onto the UK Bass music scene in fine style last year, featuring on the absolutely banging My Nu Leng 12 inch, “The Grid/Hips n Thighs EP” which garnered almost universal critical acclaim when it dropped in October on 877 Records, featuring prominently in Kmag’s “best of” Bass music releases that month.

The “Boss Key EP,” his debut solo release, takes up where “Hips n Thighs” left off. Weaving between and combining elements of UK Funky, House, Grime, ice cold Electro workouts and even Trap, Majora creates a wholly satisfying and unique inclusion into the UK Bass music cannon, injecting a fresh life and energy into a genre seemingly in stasis at the moment.

Wielding his infectious grooves and barnstorming bass line science as deadly dance floor weapons, Majora employs a subtlety and restraint that belies his young age. Utilising classic club sounds alongside more experimental and grimy memes, he creates a fully formed and well-rounded EP bursting with ideas and forward movement, just as you would expect from this talented producer.

With tunes such as “Shook” already gracing many a bass DJs sets, and several releases lined up in the coming months, a promising future for Majora in the ever mutating and evolving Bass scene is surely not in doubt.

Tumble Audio was founded in 2012 by MIMM Recordings label manager Oli Gibbons as an outlet for tunes designed to move hips, shake legs and raise fists.

Since in inception, it has taken the Nottingham dance music underground by storm, putting on its own trailblazing nights as well as collaborating with other prominent promoters in the city, to create a newly buzzing and invigorated scene that has many an outside observer looking in with jealous eyes.

For more information please contact Tumbleaudio@hotmail.co.uk or visit us on Facebook, follow Tumble Audio on twitter (@Tumbleaudio) or find them lurking near the bass bins at a rave near you!