Minay Money – New Talent

Minay Monay the new talent you’ve never heard of. If you have, then pat yourself on the back, and take those chunky hipster glasses off. Defying conventional genre compartmentalisation, this guy already has a sound to be reckoned with, not to mention several fresh songs to relish. An artist self identifying themselves as ‘different’ is nothing new, but allow me to ask you to reconsider, as MM produces a range of experimental, strikingly conceptual tracks. ‘Discharged’ somehow manages to blend silken beats with conversational samples, whilst ‘Take’ is quite literally a deceivingly different take on what a song should be.

400070_248134171986179_803748945_nConceptual is certainly a phrase that comes to mind when trying to describe what you’re listening to, but MM manages to sooth your worried soul and immerse you in something akin to the auditory equivalent of Egyptian cotton. New to the scene, and drawing from such a range of talent it is hard to identify his true influences, I defy you to place Minay Monay’s music inside of a genre. A certain lack of consistency is not to be faulted, but rather praised, as the artist goes far to expose you to as much of his strangely haunting world as he can. To check out more from Minay Money check his Soundcloud link below.

Words by  Jon Ferguson