Electroacoustics Presents: KELPE FLIES+FLIES LYCHEE – Review

301301_10151027119590776_102626948_nAt the end of a graff spotted alley in Hoxton sits a tucked away pub that goes by the name of The Sebrite Arms. To those in the know, the basement of this popular watering hole is called ‘THE VENUE’. Perhaps not the most imaginative of names, but who cares when the place holds hosts an assortment of musical talent to delight the mind and indulge the ears. I arrived for the soundcheck, and as a result had a chance to sample the huge selection of beers on tap that the pub has to offer.

All the artists playing that night could be described as under the public radar, but have a quality of sound that puts them above and beyond the usual pub performance, after all, THE VENUE is a proper venue. Lychee, an Anglo-American duo consists of a girl with beautifully piercing eyes and a voice to match, aside a soulful hipster behemoth with mean fingers on the strings. The unlikely couple led the audience through a hauntingly melodic rendition of their youtube top five before embarking on a wild, funky send off, surprising the crowd as a young man hopped up onstage only to wield his saxophone to devastating effect.

Next up, flies and flies tantalised the audience with silken beats that stem surprisingly from the all male four piece. A cello and vinyl decks complement the more usual companions of a band, but this unorthodoxy only adds to their appeal. The all black attire of the boys reflects the deep house vibe that started the set, while the enigmatic ‘good eeeeeevvvveening’ of the frontman hinted to the wonderful weirdness that the sound became.

Kelpe, for lack of better words, killed it. His sound, known for evolving with the times, somehow managed to manipulate the mood of the room, subtly working through tracks seamlessly working them together until time ran out. If anything, it seemed like he wasn’t there for long enough, but then again, I did spend the rest of the night right there, talking and drinking with whoever wanted to chat about the highlight of my night, down beneath The Sebrite Arms, at the ELECTROACOUSTIC event.

Review by – Jon Ferguson