Jamie XX, Caville and Baio at Club Octagon

Free nights are free nights. Damn, they’re free, which means more money in my pocket, and I’m not complaining.  However, everybody knows the risk of unwittingly subjecting themselves to rubbish music in order to save some cash. Not so at Club Octagon. The first Asian venue to house a Funktion-One sound system to rival the fabled Fabric; deep vibrations penetrate the two floors harder than unlubricated rear entry.


This night was special; not only because it was in the capital of South Korea, but because Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio and Jamie XX were present and correct. Correct, and on top form; thought the resident Yann Caville put in a set that stood toe to toe with giants.

Caville, a French disk jockey who mastered his trade at Leeds Uni before traveling the world and landing in the brand spanking new Club Octagon, managed to work the room from an skeletal LED cavern into a sweaty pumping mass of coitus starved writhing bodies. Effortless mixing and an expert ear for tunes set a standard that I’m sorry to say Baio did not match. Of indie fame and fortune, the bassist-cum-DJ put in a good set, yet his thunder had been stolen, and I was aghast to recognize the sick joke that is Nicky Minaj seeping pus-like from the walls. Hoping I was horribly mistaken, I retreated into my special place.

After that shock, it was a pleasure to have Jamie XX rip up the room; playing solid stuff that few knew but all could groove to. His live, fresh mix of the old XX/FATM banger “You got the love” brought back overwhelming waves of nostalgia, though it may have been the dodgy free beer I downed at the bar.

Words by Jon Ferguson