Haus Warehouse 1st Birthday

HAUS’ FREE HAUS Last week saw the 1st Birthday party of HAUS Warehouse. With music from the likes of Waxxx, Release, LDMS and more, it was set to be one hell of a birthday bash from the start. While initially the space seemed a bit big, as the evening wore on it packed out nicely. It wasn’t rammed, but the lively environment was enhanced by having some room to breathe and truly let loose with the dance moves. As with all good parties, it went on late into the night, providing cheap drinks, an electric atmosphere and blasting tunes to get down to.

Don’t expect a beautiful venue, even they know they’re ugly on the outside but their home-made vibe is what sets Haus apart from other venues; it’s not just another ‘clubnight.’ But don’t judge them because they definitely won’t judge you, it was fantastic knowing you don’t have to dress up and even better being able to relax amongst the minimal décor; massive tree branches and coloured strobes made incredible for a great lights show on the walls. So if you want to catch the sunrise in style, stick around until the end, you definitely won’t be the last one standing. My only warning; expect a hangover.
WORDS BY -Abi Pitcher