Against Me Music Presents: RoldƎ New EP

Fenced ep cover

Quietly still and somehow powerfully moving, Fenced/Frei; the newest release from Manchester based producer RoldE sounds like the sort of lucid dream you wish you had. The two songs meld effortlessly into each other, an industrial theme being carried throughout haunting organic grooves. Moving away from DnB and towards Dark House and Techno, the paradigm shift demonstrates RoldE’s sonic range, already having released his first album, Out of the Box back in 2011. Having remixed some of the hottest tracks of the last couple of years, RoldE is strolling towards the sort of artistic work that most producers leap at.

Fenced constructs a dry, snapping factory beat, while Frei utilises echoing rhythm to support the delicately melancholic melody. Where Fenced is minimalist, Frei is bolstered, unified with RoldE’s own special brand of bass line to rock and lull the senses.
Released together on the 31st of October, the only thing scaring me is how far away that seems.