Against Me Music – Live Event – Kissy Sell Out / DJ Luck and MC Neat + DrDr – Proud Camden


On Friday the 29th November, Against Me Music and Beast Mode will bring The Kissy Klub to Proud Camden for a night of eclectic music. An assortment of audio delights awaits you in the form of the finest electronic acts ever assembled in The Horse Hospital. Beast Mode will be providing their gully bass sounds from South of the River while The Kissy Klub showcases award winning DJs supported by a live act from DrDr.

Kissy Sell Out will of course grace the night with his mastery of hyper electronica. Said to have held the title of presenting the “craziest show in dance music” Kissy will perform his genre skipping madness, having just completed his Blowout and US tour.

DJ Luck and MC Neat are set to holla with the rinsin’ sound, you’d be mad to miss the chance to see these Old Skool legends in action. Since the UK Garage glory days may be coming back round, these boys are set to kill it like they did on Top Of The Pops back in the day. DJ Luck and MC Neat are no stranger to the party scene, their high energy combination of low intensity style and absolute talent has stirred crowds into a frenzy on dance-floors everywhere they go. Since meeting on the pirate radio Chicago FM way back in 1995, DJ Luck and MC neat have practically made themselves a household name on the music scene.

A driving force on the UK Garage scene since its inception, the DJ/MC duo Luck and Neat will, with a little bit of luck, be pushing some formidable sounds. Hugely successful back in the 2000s, having three consecutive UK top 10 hits, and 1990s dubplates that still spin large, these two artists have continued to consistently produce great music to suit the ever changing demands of the public. With a Brit Award Nomination and a MOBO under their belt, having appeared onstage in most respected venues in the country, they still hold residence in the same clubs as they did in 1995. Devoted to cross generic work, it has been said that the duo crumble away the distinctions between underground and mainstream with every performance. Luck and Neat bring the House and UK Garage vibes to Camden so get with the sound and come down.

If you’re ill, you should call a doctor. If you’re the illest ones about there’s only one name to shout, and that’s DrDr, and that’s no joke. The Briton based trio will introduce to you the finest sounding Future Bass, encompassing all that embodies the popular sound today. DrdrProducing great music at an astounding rate, all the while soothing you with the rich gospel voice of singer Donna Cursons together with the madcap producers Chris Campbell and Joe Woods, DrDr are one of the freshest names today. Describing themselves as functioning like a band rather than a production team, a live set from these guys is sure to be a spectacular occurrence, especially after a string of recent releases earlier this year. Performing a repertoire recently featured in DJ Mag and on Pioneer Radio, and having been remixed on the most up to date San City High EP by none other than Trumpdisco, a solid performance is sure to be expected from the artists that brought you “Taking It Lying Down”.

Beast Mode will bring the bass from the concrete jungle of Peckham. Well known on the local scene for putting on and pulling off their infamous parties, Tropical J and Jean-Gough Frais provide themselves and their resident ensemble for your aural pleasure.

Subcoat, the mastermind behind such progressive mixes that he’s in demand all across the world will privilege us with one of his legendary sets. Hong Kong and London based, Subcoat has opened for some of the biggest names in Dubstep and DnB over the last four years, and is rapidly rising to the top himself, associating with Hit & Run (Manchester) and Outlook Festival.

Stuee Bevan, a vital component of the London Sauce DJ House and Disco scene, will perform to spin some beautiful Birmingham born beats. Described as “bringing the mad booty shakers” to a previous show, it’s not often such quality comes to Camden.

Cooks single handedly set a benchmark for East London electronica way back in 2007/8, and has since created an unmatched ability to minimix on the fly. Now Cook’s reputation precedes him, and there is some serious Tropical Bass ready to be spun.

A friendly reminder: if you miss this event, you miss out. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy such a varied and undoubtedly awe-inspiring line up? 29th November, Kissy Klub presents at Proud Camden, London. Don’t miss out, get your ticket now!

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