P Jam feat Hannah Rae – Fight The Feeling [BeatCamp]

Fight The Feeling

Release Date: 20.01.14

PjamFollowing on from the second release on his new label, Beatcamp – on top of his recent Hardrive and Butterz releases, Night Slugs white label and double inclusion on Big Dada’s amazing ‘Grime 2.0’ compilation – P Jam continues on his exploration of experimental grime, and kicks off 2014 with his fantastic ‘Fight The Feeling EP’ – a release that takes in grime, funky, house and even jungalist tendencies, mashing them all together to create something compelling, experimental but ultimately accessible and danceable.

Having been on the grime scene since its inception in the early 2000’s, P Jam has always been ahead of the game. With important releases and tracks on Butterz, Dice, On A Level, Night Slugs, Hardrive, Big Dada and his own Beatcamp label reaching back to 2002, as well as his forthcoming dancefloor destroying inclusion on instrumental grime label, Coyote Records’ ‘Coyote Kings’ compilations, his pedigree is not in doubt.

Fusing abstract jungle-esq drum programming with a combination of grime, dubstep and techstep drum and bass’s sound palette, P Jam makes music that sounds like no one else.

Title track ‘Fight The Feeling’, featuring the sultry vocals of Hannah Rae, is a deep, dark, experimental rolling number imbued with jungle’s restless energy and grime’s brash, fidgety, abrasive nature, all tempered and brought together by Rae’s dulcet tones. Throwing the 8-bar format on its head to devastating effect, ‘Fight The Feeling’ is a monster of a track that is sure to set any dancefloor it appears on on fire.

Transcends remix of ‘Fight the Fire’ takes the originals obnoxious feel and turns it around, creating a deep, organic, piano laden house track that is completely at odds with its bastard linage, allowing Rae’s blissful vocals and lyrical content to come more to fore. Urban tropes are still present with a rough, LFO imbued bass hook punctuating the soft instrumentation and a Roni Size-esq double bass lick joining the party to great effect.

‘Victorious’ almost continues where ‘Fight The Feeling’ left off, with pounding breakbeats kicking things off before launching into a pseudo organic exploration of abstract grime replete with rolling percussion, funky imbued snare tracks, string stabs and an experimental 8-bar arrangement.

Founded in January 2012, BeatCamp was set up by P Jam as an outlet for his own experimental productions. Exploring all that is good about London’s urban centric sound, BeatCamp strives to release the best in underground grime and funky. Taking its influence and cues from the ‘hardware continuum’ school of thought, the label always strives to be different and ahead of the game, creating abstract numbers that propel the genres it works in forward, into the future without ever forgetting its past.