Polka. Did Disco (4th April)

they do disco well

they do disco well

Studying in Manchester, there’s little reason to hit up Merseyside –except when Polka Does Disco. Coming from a city saturated first in Bass and now in Tasteless House it was great to side step a few miles sideways and hit up Liverpool for an event that really rocked the boat and raised the bar for the underground music scene.

It’s surprising that fewer event nights have exploited the Disco niche, but in what seems to be a passionately Merseycentric phenomenon, I find it hard to think how anyone could have done Disco better than Polka. A sweet location that basically defines underground- in that it’s underground- with a crowd that not only knows how to move, they also knew how to keep it cool. Far flung from the angry cocks of Manchester- Polka resident Orfan (locally known as Disco Dan) spun using a rotary mixer like a pro. I’ve caught him before, but never in such a energetic space, he listened to crowd and did his job above and beyond the line of duty.

Sharing a penchant for the same sound, and a unmatched taste for wax cuts of only the best vinyl Ruf Dug of Ruf Kutz fame- and the famous Pussclod: Zaf formed a supreme double team to take us through the night. Looking back, it’s hard to see how two of the old hat with a practically flawless musical radar could have gone wrong- and of course their sets were gems to treasure.

Saying that, there was a whole lot more going on than just music- Polka is famous for offering what other events simply can’t- wickedly planned and executed social environs. We laughed, drank and danced as one awfully clichéd advertisement for Polka’s success, the event sold out well in advance, and those who got tickets really knew how to enjoy themselves.

The Mighty ZAF held us by our ears from 1-3 with an original rendition of gentlemanly brilliance that struck fear into the hearts of Technophobes and idiots alike- a smooth cut, rose tinted interpretation of the late 80s that would have gone unrivalled had Rug Dug not seen fit to round off the night with his own lime twist on the decade that preceded acid house.

Polka Does Disco is hopefully something that will stick- but not something to be had little and often. This sort of show is best kept to the kind that Polka has kept it- huge blow outs that people look forward to… Just like their next gig- the day and night event sorted by the huge Secretsundaze on the 1st June. Keep your eyes out.

Words by Ollie Smifword