Welcome to Against Me Promotions, here we work with musicians, venues and performers to bring our audience the latest news / releases / reviews and live music within London and the UK.

For the next couple of months we shall be working with DJs, artists, writers and promoters to keep you informed of the latest dance tunes and events in and around the UK. We have previously done marketing and promotions for Outlook and Dimensions Festival, Glade Festival, The Cellar, The Zeitgeist Agency, Uprise Audio, Easy Tiger, San City High Records, Proud Camden and various festivals across the UK and Europe.

Currently looking for more writers to join our team and get involved with the latest events / releases.

Any Questions about upcoming gigs? Promotions?  Email: kate@againstmemusic.com

Bands previously worked with:

Love and a 45, Punchpuppet, Drink Fuelled Violence, Brand-B, Dead Identities, AntiBodies, The Grizzley Ends, The Seminals, Mr Happy Chainsaw, Clay Pigeon, Capguns and Coke, Head First, Wasted Effort, The Cover Ups, Griswalds, Second In Line, Neil Sutherland, DCTIBUS, !NONSTOPDISCO! and The Dirty Skuntz . Bez from the Happy Mondays, Osaka Monaurail, Peter Hook, Don Letts, Baby Charles, Andrew Weatheral, Zion Train and Skip Little Axe McDonald