We have previously worked with many organisations / venues / festivals / companies to bring you the best events and live music. Our team have taken part of many Oxjam events and been on training courses with the organisation to become better event organisers.

In Southampton we did events all over the city, at popular venes such as The Cellar, Orange Rooms and Unit. We promoted and ran events whilst organising the promotion for all events that took place at The Cellar.

The Event Steppin Razor was set up as part of a University project so that Kate could use the experiences in her dissertation : How to create a succesful event in the competitive world of the music industry. Kates completed her course at Southampton Solent University and now has a degree in BA Music Promotion. Steppin Razor featured DJs on the Urban and Electronic course. DJs involved included eleven8, Dubfama, Balou and DJ CJD. All DJS have graduated now and we wish them the best in the future!

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